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Indian Projects

LIM started working in India in 1998. LIM’s roots are in the local church and LIM continues to partner many churches in the UK and overseas. Our aim is to help the local church initiate life-changing projects and to take responsibility for the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable in society. LIM has overseen several key building projects in India.  These include a 150 place residential Bible College and the Bethany Children’s Home, both of which are located in Erode, South India. Bethany Children’s Home currently cares for over 60 children (boys and girls).

Charis House

LIM commenced working in the Indian state of Kerala in 2004 after the Tsunami had hit there really badly. Many children were orphaned. In 2005 LIM registered as a charity in India and took on Charis Bhavan (Charis House) in Kerala, India. Pastor Reji Varghese, Pastor of an Indian church in Manchester affiliated to the Lighthouse, set up Charis Bavan with his wife Reena, and are project managers there.


Lighthouse Goa

After working in Goa since 2004, LIM was registered as a trust in Goa in April 2007. With the new trust came a new project, a children’s home named the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse welcomed its first children into the home in June 2007. The aim of the Lighthouse is to provide a family atmosphere and to develop the children in its care through love and encouragement, to give the children a hope and belief in themselves, thereby enabling each child to achieve the best they can and to give each child the hope and opportunity of a brighter tomorrow.


Leprosy Mission

Bethany Fellowship ministry has a project specifically caring for those with Leprosy, which shows Christian love in action. As these lepers are being neglected and rejected by the communities around them (as socially there is still a stigma attached to leprosy in India) Bethany Fellowship provides food, clothes and the necessary medicine and treatment for them. Two colonies continue to receive support.


Bible College

Through a generous legacy LIM was able to build a Bible College in Erode, India (situated next to the Bethany Children’s Home). The Bethany Fellowship (LIM’s partners in Erode) organize and administer the bible teaching programme in the college which prepares pastors, evangelist and leaders. So far the bible college has sent out over many pastors and evangelist to different parts of India. This is the only bible college for the entire area of Erode. The main vision of the bible college is to train and equip God's people to reach India for God's Kingdom.


Bethany Children's Home

At present there are over 60 children for whom we love, care for and support. This home is maintained by the generous gifts and monthly sponsorships from many individuals. We have new house parents, Samuel & Sophia, and it is evident that the children are very happy and more organized.


Build A Church Scheme (BACS)

The Build A Church Scheme (BACS) is a simple but effective scheme; through gifts from individuals/churches we have been able to build churches in Kerala,Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka regions of India. Many thousands of people have been added to the church via the BACS programme.