We are dedicated to serving and transforming the lives of abandoned and disadvantanged children in Romania, India and Africa.



LIM & LIGHTHOUSE from day 1


From crime, car crashes and rebellion to miraculous salvation, ministry and mission, growing a church in Manchester from sixteen people to several hundred, rescuing abandoned children in Romania and planting churches and bible colleges in India, The Rubicon is the story of an incredible adventure, covering 28 years of ministry experience and a lifetime's worth of achievement. "This is a truly inspirational book that would serve to positively impact the life of every reader." 

Written by Paul Hallam, 100% of sales go directly to support LIM projects.


LIM is working with partners in Poland, Romania and Ukraine to bring relief to those escaping the war in Ukraine.

In Poland we are helping support the nearly 2 million refugees with food and clothing, accommodation and more. Through our extensive network in Romania we are supporting refugees with food banks and aid. Finally we are supporting Metro Ministries and the work they are doing in Ukraine.