LIM was officially set up in 1994 by Pastor Paul Hallam in response to the situation in Romaina and the terrible legacy of the Ceacescu years, which resulted in the ruin of thousands of Romanian children’s lives as they were forced to endure horrendous living conditions in “orphanages that looked and smelled like pow camps for children".


One of the first objectives was to build a Day Care Centre through the Romanian branch of LIM (which is now known as Casa Luminii). Hence the Casa Luminii Centre was born, or as it is otherwise known today, the Lighthouse Centre. The building of the Centre was funded entirely by LIM.

LIM at first sponsored staff to work in the childcare centre and helped them with training, as most of the children had special needs. LIM was able to build a multi-sensory room in the centre to help the special needs children, which has been a great success.


Gabriel has been battling with a rare disease. Doctors have diagnosed him with Crohn disease, a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system. Because of this medical condition Gabriel can only be fed with only one type of milk called Elemental 028 Extra. His little body will not tolerate any other type of food or milk. They are in desperate need for support to be able to keep Gabriel's special diet. The family is not in a position to cover the price for Elemental 028 and for this reason they have begged us to put his case out so people can support. Gabriel needs 4 boxes of 250ml per day and due to his very weak immunity system he spent most of his time in hospital. He's getting stronger little by little but please, if you are able to donate any amount, this will be a great help for him. Thank you! 


Stefan is now a teenager, a very bright young man with a great appetite for life. He's been rescued from an orphanage when he was six months old by one of our LIM team members and reintegrated with his natural family when he was two years old. He is happy, loved and accepted by the family and community and he is now in college studying tourism in a mainstream school. Stefan was born with incomplete limbs but people has supported him over the years to be able to have artificial limbs. As he's constantly growing he needs new fittings often and the cost of this prosthetics is very high. We have looked after him from 6 months until now. We are extremely proud of Stefan because he's very driven, positive and ambitious. 



Lighthouse International Ministries have been holding Youth Camps in Romania since 2002. Our first Youth Camps were held at rented sites, but in 2007 LIM was able to purchase its own 5 acre camp site in Brezoi. In 2008 we held our first ever Youth Camp on our own site. The Youth Camp is an annual event held for two weeks in the summer, taking the form of a mostly tented village. LIM take a team from the UK travelling by road and air to Romania. Each week sees around 3-400 young people attending, 5-13 year olds for the first week and 14-19 year olds during the second. Both weeks are jam-packed with activities such as sports, teaching sessions, dynamic worship, drama and dance.

At this point we have stopped the annual camps and we are looking for investors to help us develop the campsite. Once the place will have the timber lodges and the facilities ready, we will extend the activities of the camp to benefit children with special needs.
If you are in a position where you can invest and support the camp, please contact us.



In 2004 the team at the Casa Luminii established 'Casa Noastra", a family home for children raised in government institutions. “Casa Noastra”, meaning ‘our home’ shows how the ultimate goal of LIM and everyone else involved in the project, can become a reality – taking children out of a harmful environment and providing them with a loving family.

Up to this day the Family Home continues to progress towards the goal of bringing all the 15 abandoned children into a life of independent means.

As the previous house parents have now had their new baby, Ionel (the charity administrator) and his wife Sorina have now taken on the role as house parents.
They have known the children since they first came to be a part of the LIM family hence the children being excited about their new house parents. 

Only three of the children are left with the the age of under 18 and the rest have grown and have their own jobs and living independently, the actual Casa Noastra project is coming to a close. The three children will be fostered by Ionel and Sorina, but still live in Slatina on the charity's premises, until Juli, who's 12th, Miha 16th and Clau 17th years old left in the home, will be independent as well. 

Two of our young men, Iuli and Vasi, are still studying and even though they are over 18 and live in another town where they chose to study (mechanics and law), LIM helps with their rent and accommodation so they can complete their studies. 


We want to continue doing our very best to offer our Romanian children a loving family and the help they need in order to succeed in life.

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